Let the game of pimpgunning begin online.

Introducing ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, the new FPS multiplayer game from Disney Interactive Studios in which the opponents meet the baddies in male human form fighting crime and justice across the globe. You are pitted in a race against time firing pimp bullets at many of the most wanted criminals - the men who go after the enemies - from state to state, foreign country to foreign country, and chase the Wikia wiki creators carrying their fictional firearms and blaster guns on head-to-head global assignments. The first player to fire, track down and capture the wiki creators and their troublemaking enemies on cross-country globetrotting assignments is the winner and gets to play multiple head-to-head rounds of shooting and guessing.

The ORDER OF AWESOMENESS online multiplayer gaming infrastructure is being developed by Disney Interactive Studios and is currently in pre-production at Disney Research in the U.K. and Pixar Canada in Canada. Marvel Studios is also designing the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS online multiplayer gaming infrastructure.

The ORDER OF AWESOMENESS brand is the latest innovation from Disney Interactive Studios, which provides online multiplayer game challengers with lightning-fast, rapid-fire caught-in-the-crossfire awesomeness and head-to-head gameplay and incredible coast-to-coast and international settings.


Awe Gunner pimp guns.

Benelli M4

Benelli M4-Scoped

S&W 500 4 In

S&W 500 4 In

Browning Pro-9 Mod

Never before seen on this site, the Browning Pro-9 is a very exclusive gun given to exclusive members on this site that play Order of Awesomeness.


A pair of Awe Chaser pimp guns.


The M4A1 Heavy- Red Dragon


The Desert Eage Fully-Modified


The M4A1 CQB


The P90-Light

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