• Zobman64

    Experience my all-new ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Robotraptions!



    BATTLPHIELD 47668342


    DEAN 7

    DEAN 5


    ERADYKA 45



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  • Zobman64

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  • Zobman64


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  • Markcedar1964

    Battle Rankers

    November 19, 2018 by Markcedar1964

    Corporals - 4,000 points

    Mafia Kingpins - 35,000

    Murderers - 2,5000

    Conpiracy Theroists - 5,000

    Combatants - 1,000

    Gangsters - 500

    Rankers - 5,000

    Tank Combatants - 4,000

    Robotraptions - 500,000,000,000-+

    Mobsters - 500,000,000,000

    Hoodlums - 1,000,000,000,000

    FBI Agents - 7,000

    Conspirators - 10,000,000,000,000

    Staff Sergeants - 100,000

    Shooters - 5,700

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  • Markcedar1964

    Infiltrators - 500-1,000 points

    Corporals - 600 points

    Mafia kingpins - 400-450 or 500-plus points

    Privates - First class - 3,000 points

    Corporals - Frist class - 10,000 points

    Robotraptions - 500,000 points

    Contrapdroids - 10,000 points

    Staff sergeants - 5,000 points

    Hoodlums - 500-800 points

    Mafia executives - 1,000 points 

    Republicans - 4,000 points 

    Naval carrier ships - 500 points

    Combat tanks - 400,000 points

    Stryker guns - 100,000-500,000 points

    Mobsters - 7,000 points or more

    Staff sergeants - First class - 3,000-7,000-plus points

    Pickpockets - 8,000 points

    Pump gunners - 30,000 points

    Grenades - 5,200 points

    Contraptragunners - 900,000 points

    Private investigators - 2,500 points

    Insurance investigators - 15,000-35,000 points

    Police department rookie e…

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  • Markcedar1964

    Check out these brand-new weapons on this blog.

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  • Markcedar1964

    Meet Sheriff Kilborn

    September 10, 2018 by Markcedar1964

    Philip Simon Kilborn was born August 17, 1997 in Boston, Massachusetts and relocated to Awesomeness, Awesomeness County, California in 2018. His mission: To battle the Contrapdroids and Robotraptions around the world in various federal-mafia and military close combat assignments - and saving the world from destruction.

    Sheriff Kilborn, under the adminisitration of Shawn Hawley, battles these android foes and chases all mafia criminals attacked by them. 

    The fallout from the Order of Awesomeness Foundation continues, as Hawley searches for clues to how the Robotraptions shoot electro-mechanical bolts at the countless cities across the globe being annihilated in perpetuity, proving they help the Awesome Mafia Cartel fight back. Awesomewood, th…

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  • Thomascammo1964

    S.L.A.M. Revolver Chase Gun fires lightning bolts at the Contrapdroids while zapping all other contraption-shaped male robot earthlings (Botlings).

    Conover 7745 - A huge, 40-foot vehicle combining a Navy oceanic vessel with a stryker combat tank.

    Awesomator - This .500 caliber revolver electric rifle fires up to 50,000 feet and can shoot as many Robotraptions, countless Contrapdroids, and numerous Order of Awesomeness Foundation militants and Awesome Mafia Cartel mob figures and law enforcers.

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  • Thomascammo1964






    EYECE (pronounced "ice")

    Colt Interrog8 CLTT-500 .500 Caliber Revolver Awesomeness Gun

    ZLAMMER .700 Caliber Utzi Gun

    B.L.A.X.T'r Semi-Automatic Revolver Rifle

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  • Markscedarhouse64

    OA QED-786 Semi-Automatic Slam Gun

    OA QED-300 Semi-Automatic Turbine Tail Gun

    OA EXX-4500 Turbocharged Semi-Pneumatic Tail Attack Snark Gun

    OA F-220 Automatic Double Tail Revolver Attack Slam Gun

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  • Markscedarhouse64

    A 35th century concept luxury vehicle designed by Shawn Hawley, founder of the Order of Awesomeness Foundation, in the shape of a self-driving automobile. Equipped with the Robotraption Revolver Destroyer Pump Gun.

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  • Markscedarhouse64

    Used in cold-war close combat and federal and urban mafia missions, this lightning bolt-powered first-person shooter (FPS) firearm shooting miniature jolts of electricity at the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Robotraptions and their rapid-fire villains, the Contrapdroids.

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  • Markscedarhouse64

    Worrell, a native of Austin, Minnesota growing up in Massachusetts, declares global-destruction mafia victory as the Order of Awesomeness Foundation's Shawn Hawley hires him to fight Contrapdroid and Robotraption villains around the world in his effort to infiltrates these intergallatic robotic, very androidal wonks intent on destroying America.

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  • Markscedarhouse64

    Raymond Sisk Deener is an Order of Awesomeness Foundation ballistics sergeant and Awesome Mafia Cartel mobster and kingpin, born in 1997 in Citizenville, California.

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  • Markscedarhouse64

    Order of Awesomeness Foundation founder Shawn Hawley is declaring war over the federal mob, as militants and Awesome Mafia Cartel kingpins fight to keep America alive by eradicating the Contrapdroids and Robotraptions who destroy everything by creating global disaster.

    In order of awesomeness commanded by Hawley, the AMC gangsters, mob bosses and kingpins, and several close cold-war combatants serving military and maritime duties around the world will defeat technologically advanced victory all together. The OA Foundation, a team of cold-war militants and comatants, hoodlums, gangsters, journalists, pundits, mobsters and federal-mafia executives, will embrace the powers of futuristic observations and face their more belevolent challenges to…

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  • Markscedarhouse64


    Xphire 2332233

    Goon 4544

    Goon Tanque 7

    Spase 7


    Xphire 90

    Soucheray Gun SOOCH-500

    Soucheray Gun SOOCH-355


    Nukleus 22

    Nukleus 23

    Nukleus NU-500

    Soucheray Gun 7777

    Goon Super Gunner 3500

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  • Snark19641

    ORDER OF AWESOMESS: The Third Genration is the highly comprehensive, futuristically exhillerating cold-war close military and federal mafia FPS game ever published online.

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  • Snark19641

    OA: The 3rd Gen

    January 3, 2015 by Snark19641

    I have posted brand new weapons on the Order of Awesomeness Wiki:

    Smith & Wesson AwesoeTech 456 .100 Caliber Revolver Snark Gun

    Sikorsky 455-H TechCopter

    Bell Red Thunderbolt 700TQ

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  • Rcrally

    OA:The 3rd Gen

    March 20, 2013 by Rcrally


    ROAGames is now designing a new version of Order of Awesomeness, The Third Generation! Beta- Tester Requested. Will include over 100 exclusive new weapons and items. Please try it when it is up for beta testing. Link will be posted here on my user talk for the file download.

    To enjoy the news and help us design and maintain these updates, become a ROAGames MOD today. Apply Here. The wikia user who has so generously been helping out is welcome to sign up and apply for a Staff Position. You will be accepted.

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  • Snark19641

    Hawley Rising, the debut arc in the upcoming Disney Interactive Studios first-person military/gangster combat game hybrid ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, depicts the ongoing close-combat situations and follows the exploits of a team of cold-war combatants, Air Force stealth fighter aircraft pilots, gunners, corporals and private 1st class soldiers fighting terrorism, gangster violence and the mafia.

    In ORDER OF AWESOMENESS: Hawley Rising, ORDER OF AWESOMENESS crusader Shawn Hawley and his team of combat troopers battle cold-war terrorism and fight the mob around the world as ORDER OF AWESOEMENESS soldiers of fortune outwit the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, the Marine Corps, and various mafia organizations going after each other in each round of the …

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  • Snark19641

    If you can beat the U.S. Army... the Marine Corps.. the U.S. Air Force... the Royal Canadian Air Force... the mafia... and even the Central Intelligence Agency at their game... then ORDER OF AWESOMENESS is for you!

    I am the co-creator of Disney Interactive Studios' newest online muiltiple-player game, ORDER OF AWESOMENESS.

    I'd like to introduce Wikia members and wiki creators and designers to meet the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS team - the highly qualified military and federal mafia squad ever!

    Zany, whacked-out and adorable characters, amazing gangsters, law enforecers, combatants, militants, gubernatorial lawmakers and muckrakers prepare for war against the mob, terrorism, gang violence, hoodlums, and hitmen - and bring them to the toughest levels…

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  • Rcrally

    Update Page Blog

    September 10, 2012 by Rcrally

    Updates are coming soon!

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  • Rcrally
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  • Rcrally
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