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Mark Thomas Watson, the creator of the online first-person action/adventure game Order of Awesomeness, was born on February 20, 1964 in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota and graduated from the Maria Sanford Middle School in 1978. He lived in Duluth and Northfield during the remainder of the 1970s and the early to late 1980s until he relocated to Washington County in 2003.

Watson has been an employer at Pentair, First Team Sports, Rollerblade and Burger King during the early years of his career opportunities; and for the next three years, became an inspector for Medical Concepts Development. At the St. Croix Valley Recreational Center, Watson sanitized the hockey arene and cleaned the rest rooms while he continued his varied career choices.

Since 2008, he embarked on his much anticipated hobby that has been the center of the digital domain: blogging. He founded and currently moderates the motion picture vlog known today as CINEMATICOLOGY; the Shadow Busters Blog, which follows the crime-busting exploits of a team of law enforcers, private investigators, fact checkers and parapsychologists on various cases; Statesman of the People, a blog focused primarily on libertarian, conservative and progressive lawmaking; the satirical journalism blog Fake News Task Force; and his newest blogs, The Watson Memo, D-BUNK! and DEBUNK! In 2012, Watson began developing the idea for Order of Awesomeness; and began a successful new chapter in the world of online first-person adventure gaming, a genre that has cashed in on this new and more prominent and dominant electronic-media platform ever.

"Order of Awesomeness is my passion for dominating the first-person shooter-gaming platform of the future. Me and my other online gamers around the world will enjoy the lightning fast excitement, adventure and hilariously zany globetrotting crime-fighting villains, supers foes and troublemakers committing their order of awesomeness, suspense and danger whenever there is awesomeness across the nation and globally. The object of Order of Awesomeness is to allow first-person players to match wits head-to-head with the funniest villains, troublemakers and law enforcement officers on a variety of chase-after-chase, shootout-after-shootout missions and public and private investigations involving them in a series of cross-country assignments. How these suspects and their countless foes and counterenforcers commit these crimes in every area of global domination is up to the players and his or her opponents must play one-on-one or individually in various international settings and rounds of shooting, bluffing, and treason. Regardless of who obtains the order of awesomeness and the courage to bring these fictitious characters and their respective troublemakers to justice through lethal interrogation, Order of Awesomeness will be the first-person action simulation game for everyone to play along online on any electronics device."

-Mark Thomas Watson, creator, Order of Awesomeness


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