Order of Awesomeness: Shadow 'Traptions will be the third installment in the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS first person shooter game series to be released and launched on September 24, 2017. It will be developed through Comcast's XFINITY Games platform by ROA Games LLC in partnership with Disney Consumer Products, Marvel Animation and game developer and globetrotter Matt Harding (Where the Hell is Matt?).

In ORDER OF AWESOMENESS: SHADOW 'TRAPTIONS, Order of Awesomeness Foundation Chairman and Co-Founder Shawn Hawley plots the militants and the Awesome Mafia Cartel battling several all-new, contraption-shaped walking male androids in the form of Contrapbots. These

awesome male "contraptrachines" carry gigantic droid guns firing the various international settings throughout all 50,000 rounds of play, having cast shadows on the AMC gangsters, mob bosses and hoodlums and the close combatants fighting back.

The online and mobile versions of the game will be developed using AWEZap, Comcast's propriety software technology developed by DHX Media.