Order of Awesomeness Foundation counterintelligence agent/secret agent Daniel Arnold "Airsoft Gunner" Danforth is following the Navy SEALS on a variety of close-combat missions, including most of them in various nations around the world through a secret military consortium called Operation Awesome. As the founder of KOMBAT, a fictional nonprofit militant crusade, Danforth attempts to shoot the Robotraptions and Contrapdroids with a Danforth Blaster Revolver Hand Gun, and goes after the combatants attacked by these amazing militant androids in contraption form.

Shane Hawley, founder of the Order of Awesomeness Foundation and one of the co-founders of KOMBAT and The Hawley Institute, assists Dan Danforth on selected cross-country assignments involving the Marines, the United Statest Army and Air Force by combatting the forces of contraptive evil by carrying his own handmade blaster guns and other firearms in an effort to eradicate militant terror. These missions are a priority for Danforth and Hawley and are kept top-secret. Danforth appears as a first-person shooter in the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS FPS simulation game series.