Join Col. Merriwell in the battle for victory as he experiences his unique mafia infiltration techniques in ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, from Disney Interactive Studios. In ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, Col. Merriwell takes on the federal mafia troublemakers with his top-secret firearms and technologically advanced militant contraptions and vehicles designed to eradicate mobster inactivity. In addition to being a two-fisted gangster, Col. Merriman masquerades as an Iraqi close-combat gunnery expert and straight shooter - he infiltrates the notorious Thunderguy,

a mystic militant genie emerging from a magic lamp, who assists Col. Merriman as he grants him three wishes that turn the colonel into any object large and small alike in the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation's quest to interrogate the gangsters, hoodlums and cold-war combatants who invade his own public world.

With the aid of Shawn Hawley, Col. Merriwell and his genie sidekick Thunderguy track down the hoodlums, infiltrate cold-war terrorism, and battle mafia kingpins who get in trouble with the Atlanta Police Department, the CIA and the elusive corpse of combatants and Army, Marines and Air Force troops delivering Col. Merriwell's biggest tactics in this violence-laden world. In each round of ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, players and their opponents follow the exploits and step-by-step federal mafia and military close-combat assignments and help Col. Merriwell and Thunderguy the Genie go after the bad guys fighting for freedom and bringing their adversaries to justice - toward returning to their native homeland of the United States of America; and fire down the baddest militants, mafia heirs, state troopers, homeland security officers, stealth fighter aircraft pilots, and debate over his various weapons and cross-country missions the military leaders attacking the mob.

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