Eric, better known as "Clutch," is a globetrotter, adventurer, mad scientist and inventor who co-founded the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation on June 30, 2012. As the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation's chief executive officer, he follows the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Team's various cross-foreign-country and on-location assignments, missions and investigations. Using his numerous invention, contraptions, whatchamacallits and weapons, beginning with the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Clutch Gun, Clutch travels to various international destinations across seven continents and investigates, interrogates and shoots down all types of criminals, swindlers, adventures, troublemakers, gentleman thieves, heist robbers and shooters, manhunters, fraud victims, counterespionage agents and spies, secret agents, military combatants, many national, international and terrestrial law enforcers and law enforcement officers, highway patrolmen, scientists, inventors and billionaires, and many other men and women of all ages. Under the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, Eric is solving all areas of crime, justice and world troubleshooting; and will embark on new adventures with the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation's fellow adventurers, private investigators and detectives on new destinations across approximently seven contiments while preparing new assignments and missions, new inventions, and new investigations and countless traveling cases. More on "Clutch" is at