J. Jay Soucheray, an ex-U.S. Navy oceanic battle carrier captain and now Awesome Mafia Cartel (AMC) founder and chairman of the executive committee of mafia investigators born in Duluth, Minnesota, arrived in Long Beach, California to destroy the Contrapdroids going after the Robotraptions in the West, South, Southeast and Southwest. He helps Shawn Hawley and his Order of Awesomeness Foundation mafia bosses and kingpins and cold-war military combatants design and invent the Soucheray .100 Caliber Revolver Loose Cannon Gun, a loose cannoning contrapti-gun which fires Awesomeness Bolts o electrical-mechanical firepower, eradicating those pasty, trouble-making Robotraption and Contrapdroid earthlings from various international nations throughout the world in the 37th century.