Private 1st Class Willard feels the Middle Eastern heat, as he carries a heat catcher speed gun powered by nuclear fission on certain combat mission. He turns his duties to political journalist and ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation managing director Shawn Hawley, who conducts Private 1st Class Willard's Army and Air Force assignments on a international country-to-international country basis, knowing in the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation's day-by-day militant duties and special-ops mission. He is most hated by the United States Marine Corps for his indecent battles with infra-red heatseeking weaponery and the inability to capture one combatant after another.

Private 1st Class Willard has earned the nickname "Heatwave" thanks in part to his amazing outdoor heat-chasing battles in both the Marines and the Army. Together with Marsha Anne Kompton, Private 1st Class Ace Babbitt, Commander in Chief Dean Rowe, Brigadier General Will Pereira and the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation team of military and federal mafia-minded trouble shooters, Private 1st Class Willard's intelligent, yet riveting and highly ranked militant style and indestructive action have made him the most beloved young combatant - firing on every cilinder and attacking Vietnam's biggest war heroes.

Mr. Hawley invites Private 1st Class Willard at the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation's offices in Atlanta, Georgia, where he and Mr. Hawley were born and raised.

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