Here are the following mission sites in which the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS troops prepare for battle:


The Kremblin Mafia is attacked by Col. Raymond and Thunderguy the Genie, as they fire wish bolts and assassination bullets at the gangsters and war reporter Mac Krenskov. When Krenskov is murdered, journalist and ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation crusader Shawn Hawley come in contact with the KGB, the Kremblin and the Soviet Mafia to attack the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS troopers and cold-war combatants in their final stages of mob combat.

Marsha Anne Kompton smacks the members of the KGB with her right fist, and later shoots down the rest of the mafia kingpins with a .50 caliber rangefinder rifle.


The ORDER OF AWESOMENESS combatants fight back against police department shooters firing at the shopping center visitors - fewer hand grenades are used to counterattack the strip-mall guests, having damaged the mall's futuristic archetecture.


Look out for the counterterrorists to strike back! You must shoot down the enemies within their random acts of terror in ORDER OF AWESOMENESS. You must avoid the bomb shelters and escape militant prison - during these rounds of play, each ORDER OF AWESOMENESS opponent will chase these combat suspects from the prison cell blocks as they fire them with semi-automatcic revolver hand guns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns.

Prepare to fire the combat tanks with a click of the desktop and/or laptop personal computer mouse, and battle the Iraqi close-combat troops as they chase sudden vehicles eqipped with tail guns and other firearms.

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