An ORDER OF AWESOMENESS opponent must battle the Awesomeness Mafia Cartel villains going against the Robotraptions and their notorious troublemakers, the Contrapdroids, by firing Awesomeness Jolts fired from revolver hand guns, stun guns, rifles, combat vehicles, oceanic military batter carriers, tankers, stealth fighter aircraft, utzi guns, shotguns, pistols and countless other weapons used in each round of the game.


Each OA player must score points in various 120-minute to 3-hour rounds of first person shooting by zapping as many Contrapdroids and Robotraptions in various international country-to-international country settings as possible.

To win the first 11 2-hour to 3-hour rounds of ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, he/she attempts to zap the Contrapdroids battling the Robotraptions committing federal mafia-related global destruction crime and enforcement as the Order of Awesomeness Foundation mafia kingpins, law enforcement officers and armed force militants carry their various gun types mentioned above to destroy the Robotraptions and defeat his and/or her opponents.

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