Today's militant in the Villain of the Day Dept. of the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Wiki, strategic weapons expert Commander Raymond Eammon Throckmorton  is an expert on close-combat weaponry and the embodiment of all military combatants.Born in Birningham, England, Commander Throckmorton earns the nickname "Crossfire Tank" for his vigorous close-combat missions in Ghana and Afghanistan, among other international cold-war locales; and his aim is to fend off the Robotraptions and their awesome heroes of cold-war close combat, the Contrapdroids, on countless cross-country missions throughout the world. 


Birningham, England, U.K.


26 years old


Strategic weapons expert

Tail gunner

Corporal 1st Class


Awesomester .44 caliber semi-automatic revolver hand gun

Awesomester .44 caliber Revolver Bolt Gun

Semi-automatic laser militant infiltration speed gun