Today in the Villain of the Day Dept. of the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Wiki, Sgt. Ace G. "Crossfire Gun" O'Malley is the focus.

Born in Stillwater, Minnesota and raised in Germany and Australia, Sgt. O'Malley earns the nickname "Crossfire Gun"

because of the Burningham Semi-Automatic Crossfire Revolver Hand Gun, which he carries on various global cold-war assignments. His mission is to battle the Robotraptions and their dangerously interrogative Contrapdroids and fires the technologically addvanced hand guns using electro-magnetic "awesome bolts" at them and the combatants who attack Mason City, Iowa, wher the worldwide headquarters of the Order of Awesomeness Foundation are located.

When the Contrapdroids and the Robotraptions threaten to detonate Mason City, the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS militants, alongside the Order of Awesomeness Foundation executive board teammates and their combatant aides, fight for survival in the Upper Midwest.