Designed by the Order of Awesomeness Foundation co-founder Shawn Hawley and invented by mad scientist Ace "Stun Gun" Scarborough, the Bamboozler 375 is a .375 caliber steampunk revolver cannon which allows the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS characters to fight revolver hand gun-clad robotic villains in a split-second.

Each combatant will shoot a stream of electrical bolts of awesomeness at the Contrapdroids and their arch enemies, the Robotraptions, on a location-to-location basis and battle the toughest militants, gangsters, hoodlums and mobsters with super-awesome powers in each round of the first FPS game in the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS video, computer and mobile game series.

Its rifle-shaped, futuristic design offers online first-person shooter gamers the ability to shoot bolts of electrically-generated awesomeness and fight the forces of military, gangster-related and robitic evil. 

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