This is a Ranking page where you can Rank-Up on this site! Ranks let you get exclusive IN-Game and on this site items and help you become an admin on this site and possibly In-Game!

These are some of the In-Game Ranks:

PVT Private

GANG Gangster

PI Private Investigator

MOB Mobster

AGE Agent

GOV Governor

PDCOM Police Department Commissioner

URB GANG Urban Gangster

PICK Pickpocket

SEC AGE Security Agent

SG Security Guard

MAF HEIR Mafia Heir

HEIR Heiress

SA Secret Agent

MAY Mayor

SML Senate Majority Leader/Senate Minority Leader

SERV Servant

PVT2 Private 2
PFC Private First Class
SPC Specialist
CPL Corporal
SGT Sergeant
SSG Staff Ssergeant
SFC Sergeant First Class
MSG Master Sergeant
1SG First Sergeant
SGM Sergeant Major
 CSM Command Sergeant Major
SMA Segeant Major of the Army
 WO1 Warrant Officer 1
CW2 Chief Warrant Officer 2
CW3 Chief Warrant Officer 3
CW4 Chief Warrant Officer 4
CW5 Chief Warrant Officer 5
2LT Second Lieutenant
1LT First Lieutenant
CPT Captain
MAJ Major
LTC Lieutenant Colonel
COL Colonel
BG Brigadier General
MG Major General
LTG Lieutenant General
GEN General
GA General of the Army

Thanks to: for the Army Ranks, you guys rock.

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