CIA counteresiponage agent Sgt. Matthew Quirk (not to be confused with the author of The 500 and former Atlantic Monthly journalist bearing his name) battles the Robotraptions and their fierce contraption-shaped, gun-carrying android militants the Contrapdroids, who are destroying the world's population by 2063.

Quirkily enough to fire Awesome Bolts at the Contrapdroids, Sgt. Quirk must prevent Earth from an invasion of Contrapdroids, Robotraptions and other contraption-based superheroes destroying the entire planet. However, he is convincing the Order of Awesomeness Foundation founder Shawn "Valiant Gun" Hawley, an ex-Marines gunner and former stealth attack aircraft pilot-turned-tail gunner, to stop the Contrapdroid invasion within several decades. Sgt. Quirk was born in 1996 in Arlington, Virginia and raised in California for 18 years. He carries his own .44 caliber semi-automatic revolver hand gun dubbed the "Contraption Buster," invented by Hawley.

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