A band of terrorists from Dubai invades down under in the outback, as the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS team fires them with .33 caliber shotguns, .100 caliber rapid-fire turbo rifles, electro-magnetic rifles, attack fight planes and .500 caliber blaster guns. While a colonel drives an 18-wheel rig filled with 45 pounds of weapons-grade uranium, Gen. Throckmorton "Trigger Chaser" Chase fires exploding balls of plutonium at the truck with a .70 caliber freeway blaster cannon.

Blaster cannons  60 points

Shotguns   100-200 points

Attack fighter aircraft  5,000 points

Revolver hand guns   6,500 points

Electric rifles  10,000 points PLEASE SIGN IN WHEN POSTING and if this is who I think it is, you are unbanned.