Hawley Rising, the debut arc in the upcoming Disney Interactive Studios first-person military/gangster combat game hybrid ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, depicts the ongoing close-combat situations and follows the exploits of a team of cold-war combatants, Air Force stealth fighter aircraft pilots, gunners, corporals and private 1st class soldiers fighting terrorism, gangster violence and the mafia.

In ORDER OF AWESOMENESS: Hawley Rising, ORDER OF AWESOMENESS crusader Shawn Hawley and his team of combat troopers battle cold-war terrorism and fight the mob around the world as ORDER OF AWESOEMENESS soldiers of fortune outwit the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, the Marine Corps, and various mafia organizations going after each other in each round of the arc Hawley Rising.

With the aid of counterintelligence agents representing the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS Foundation, you must play Hawley Rising with a few clicks of the mouse and compete head-to-head in first-person combat missions.

During one or more rounds of ORDER OF AWESOMENESS, each opponent must fire militia bombs at the enemies and shoot down the terrorists battling the cold war in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and the Mojave Desert. Once the battle is complete, each player must shout the word "Awesome!" by using the computer mouse to fire military vehicles and

simulate close combat as stealth fighter aircraft are under attack.

At the same time, all opponents must shoot the combatants by firing "Awesomeness Bullets" from Shawn Hawley's .50 caliber semi automatic Hawley Strike Combat Rifle in order of awesomeness to score points.

Stealth Fighter Aircraft 50-100 points

Tanker Trucks 100-250 points

Troop Interrogators 350-400 points

Combat Tanks 500 points

Rocket Missles 700 points

Fighter Helicopters 1,000 points

Order of Awesomeness:

First player 100-250 points

Battlefield ranker 500 points

Tyrant 700-750 points

Shooter 1,000 points

Chaser 1,500 points

Challenger 2,000 points

Battlefield ranker 2,500-3,000 points

Mob combatant 5,000 points

Corporal tyrant 6,000-7,000 points

When firing "Awesomeness Bullets" at the combatant, each opponent must use the mouse and click on the ORDER OF AWESOMENESS enemies and start shooting at the next baddie who fights terror in the Middle Eastern territories - the first opponent to win nine rounds of the Hawley Rising arc of ORDER OF AWESOMENESS wins the game and gets to go head-to-head with other online first-person game opponents in various rounds of military awesomeness on a personal computer or handheld electronics device.

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